Use the website section to customize the look and functionality of your website. Choose from a list of modern design templates for your Church website to look and conforms to modern web standards. Create custom pages and menu links to present different sections of the Church activities to your members. Connect your custom domain to access your website using custom domain name (e.g. www.yourchurchdomain.com)

Website Templates

Templates section allows you to choose a design and layout you want your Church website to be like. With templates, you can change the look of the Church website instantly with little effort. New templates will be added occasionally to stay upto date with latest design styles.

Menu Links

Menu links sections allows you to create and order navigation links for your website. Each navigation link takes the user to a different page in the website. During menu link creation, you will be provided a field to select a page the menu link will open when clicked. There are default menus like Home, Event, Messages, Contact and Give menu that already connect to their respective default pages.

You can also enable other features like the Church facebook link, twitter link, newsletter signup form, etc. using the menu link section


Use page section to define what each page content should be. Some default pages like Give page and Contact page already have a predefined content that cannot be changed except for the page banner.

The page content edit seciton provides you with a set of tools to use in adding contents like sections, images, text and button links. Each content has a layout field that helps position the elements where you want them to appear.

Domain Customization

On sign-up with the platform, you will get a free sub-domain to use in accessing your website. If you already own a custom domain for your Church, you will be able to connect your custom domain to be used in accessing your website