Use Request forms to collect information from members about a service the church offers. Requests like prayer request, baby dedication request, marriage request, etc can be simplified using Request forms section. You have tools to create a form that members can fill and submit through the app.

Request Form tools

Depending on what information you want to collect from members for a form, the dashboard presents different form tools to make it easy for the members to specify the information.

There is a text field that can be used when you want members to type in an information like name or address. Note that you will be able to view the member that made a request even if you ask them to specify their name. The is also a select field which can be used when you want members to select from a list of predefined values. You will be able to set the values that they can select from.

Processing Requests

The app has a section for requests. This shows a list of forms that is created for the Church. Members can open one of the form and fill out the details then submit for processing.

You will be able to view all requests made by members for each form created. Each of the request made will have the details that the member filled out and have an option to process the form. Click on the process will change the status of the form to processed. The Church will need to follow up on what the member is requesting.