Members can give to any cause through the app or website. They can also give on behalf of their faimily member if the setting is enabled. Giving can be done using credit cards or bank transfer. You will need to setup the payment systems to be possible.

Giving using credit card

Members can give through the app or website using credit cards. They will be presented with different causes to give to. They just need to add the amount they wish to give to any of the causes and click submit.

In the website, the credit card payment form will be presented at the same time. They will need to fill in their details before submitting. In the app, they will be taken to a scrren to select payment method. If they select credit card, they will be shown a payment form to fill their details and submit.

If the card validation is successful, the record of giving will be registered in the member's profile.

Giving using bank transfer

Members can also give through bank online transfer. This can only be done in the app currently. The banks need to be added to appear as a payment method.

When the member selects a bank to transfer to, they will be shown the bank account number and any other instruction provided in the setup. They can then proceed to the bank's online banking to login and make the transfer. On coming back to the app, they will need to confirm if the transfer was successful. If they confirm the transfer, then the record will be added to profile but will need the Church admin to process and accept the transaction.

Processing bank transfers

Bank giving is currently not automatically confirmed. A record of the giving will be in pending status until confirmed.

The dashboard has a Needs Processing section that lists all bank transfers that are in pending state. It shows details like amount transfered, date transfered and bank the transfer went to. There will be two actions, Process or Dismiss. The Church admin will need to verify that the transaction took place and then click on Process to record the givings for the member.