Create events to inform the Church members of upcoming Church events and activities. Church members will be able to view created events in the app or on the website. Events can be free or paid events. You need to setup payment system to be able to create a paid event.

Multiple Period Events

When an event span over more than one day, you can add multiple periods while creating the events to reflect the dates

Each period has the event details like date, time and location for the event. During registration, a member can select which period they want to register for.

Registration Fees for Multiple Period Events

When a multiple period event is not free, you will need to specify if the fee covers for all the periods or if members should pay the amount for each of the period when registering.

As soon as you add another period for the paid event, a new field will appear where you can set if the fee covers all the periods or not.

Event Volunteers

You can request for volunteers for an event. This can be added when creating the event.

You will need to enable volunteer for the event and add different volunteer areas that you need help with. Members will be able to see these volunteer areas through the app and can volunteer for any of them. You will be able to access a list of volunteers after creating the event.

Featured Events

Featured events are presented to members at the top of the events list in the app or website. Use this feature to draw attention to any upcoming event. You are be able to feature a limited number of events.

Events that are featured needs to be in a future date. Any event that is featured and the event date has passed will not appear in the feature tab.